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Cosmetic Brand Consulting

Cosmetics Brand
Experts from all different fields such as R&D, design, branding and marketing work together
In order to offer the best services and to launch cosmetic brands with differentiated ideas.

With our long-standing experience, we work with expertise such as researchers from cosmetics manufacturers of listed companies, brand managers of Korea’s famous cosmetic companies, and designers from three major web agency companies. Also, having the expertise and knowledge of latest trends of cosmetic development through Flowlet, we offer total premium services for launching cosmetic brands; our services include brand planning, naming, selecting ingredients, making package design and creating online shopping mall.

To dream alone is just a dream, but to share a dream helps make it a reality.

We Turn Your Dreams Into A Reality.
  • Cosmetic Brand Consulting
    01 Cosmetic Brand Consulting

    For those preparing for cosmetic startups, we provide basic consulting for launching cosmetic brands such as planning, market analysis, naming, and concept creation.

  • Brand Design Development
    02 Brand Design Development

    We conduct research on product containers, packages, and designs, as well as CI/BI for companies and brands, to provide target analysis, competitor status, and design references. Based on them, we come up with an optimized design concept, and take the necessary actions with suggesting a direction to make a product. Also, we carry out the work at the production stage directly on your behalf.

  • Cosmetic Development & Production
    03 Cosmetic Development & Production

    Through brand planning, we provide total services for cosmetic production such as product lineup composition, product planning, ingredient development, list price and net price setting, manufacturing sampling, and quality control according to a defined concept.

  • Sales Support & Design Development
    04 Sales Support & Design Development

    After the product is finished, we make sure to take all of the necessary steps to sell the product, such as product shooting, creating detailed product descriptions, brand promotion, creating a website, a shopping mall, product catalog and business card to promote your product.